Highland Park Mansions Make a Nice Movie Set

Published August 30, 2011 by Reid Slaughter

Shooting a moving target isn't easy. This is particularly true when the subject in question is one of Dallas' most formidable realtors, a guy with 800 million notches on his sales belt. Dave Perry-Miller may seem gracious and easy going, but the man never stops moving — he is high energy personified. We learned this as we marched through mansion after mansion, getting a glimpse into the world of luxurious estates that is his daily milieu. At one point, and I am not making this up, his phone rang (for the 79th time that day) and he apologized as he scurried off to take the call. His countenance changed: a furrowed brow then a strange, explosive grin. He had just closed a $6.4 million house. "Sorry about that," he smiled. "Now, where were we?"

You gotta love a man who stays in character.